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Health and Safety

Farrans TeamThe Board of Northstone (NI) Limited is committed to ongoing and sustained improvement in health and safety performance in health and safety in each operating division.  This is achieved by way of:-

  • board members leading by example
  • effective health and safety management systems
  • delivery of targeted and specific health and safety training
  • recognition of superior performance
  • structured employee involvement in health and safety
  • ongoing health and safety initiatives

Each Northstone division has a director with specific responsibility for health and safety with all other directors fulfilling a pivotal role in the management of health and safety in their particular areas of responsibility focusing on achievement of specific targets.

Relevant and appropriate health and safety management systems are in place in each Northstone operating division to ensure delivery of best practice and achievement of industry and legislative standards.

Full PPEAll employees and sub contractors must receive a specified number of health and safety training hours each year to ensure competence levels are maintained.  The methods of delivery of this training include task assessments, tool box talks and internal training as well as formal certificated training from approved providers.  All health and safety training delivered is to industry standards.

Health and Safety Improvement Plans are prepared and implemented each year in the Northstone divisions to provide a tool for monitoring performance and achievements.  Relevant Key Performance Indicators are increasingly used in these plans. Superior performance is recognised with internal awards and also by accolades from professional bodies, health and safety organisations and employer associations.

The health and safety management systems in Northstone are complemented by periodic initiatives which are designed to encourage greater involvement from employees and sub contractors towards the shared goal of eliminating accidents at work.

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