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Simon Community Northstone (NI) Limited launched its Simon Safety Challenge in July 2007 as a way of further encouraging and raising awareness among Company employees and sub-contractors to undertake their duties as safely as possible. In doing so the Simon Community, which does essential work in addressing homelessness in Northern Ireland, benefited from the Northstone contract site and work locations remaining accident free. The Challenge ended in July 2011

Over the four years of the Challenge Northstone has donated 646,182 to the Simon Community in Northern Ireland.

In the construction industry and the wider community, but Northstone believes that now more than ever is the time to invest in its Corporate Social Responsibility role and the protection of everyone who is working at one of its sites is at the core of this.

Northstone Chief Executive, Mark Lowry states "I have no doubt that the Simon Safety Challenge has played a significant part in the improvement in our accident frequency and severity rates over the last four years through the personal motivation of our people to do something to help the many homeless people in Northern Ireland. I commend them for their efforts. A very large amount of the work that we do is Government funded and this type of initiative is a priority of the Executive, so we feel that our innovative Simon Safety Challenge initiative provides further evidence of our role in partnering with Government clients for the greater good of the people of Northern Ireland."

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